Why Advertise?

The true aim of advertising is to reach decision makers, those who will commit the money to buy goods and services.

Memorability, appeal, and influence are wasted if the message does not reach the right target.

Are you substituting cost-per-thousand for what should be cost-per-sale?

LEADERS not only delivers the most efficient cost-per-contact in the world, but it guarantees that you are paying only to reach those with the position and power to act on your advertising message.

Why do we maintain a controlled circulation?

Because we want to continue to deliver a circulation without waste; because we do not want to dilute the power that our reach delivers; and because our readers are special, and they have told us they want to keep it that way. Our lists are updated daily, and we can prove that we are well-read.

LEADERS Magazine is not a magazine that reports the news of the week or month, or that interprets and tells readers what has happened.

LEADERS is a forum for corporate and governmental discussion, progressive planning, and the exchange of opinions.

LEADERS Magazine delivers a pure power base within its circulation.

LEADERS readers control:

In short, LEADERS readers are the most influential, powerful, and affluent readers in the world...

… and they write for LEADERS, which provides a worldwide …


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