Harel Edery, EDRE

Harel Edery

Thoughtful Design

Editors’ Note

Harel Edery’s education as an architect led him to hold key positions in various projects, both as an architect and later as a development manager. This experience allowed Edery to develop a vast range of capabilities translated into EDRE’s hands-on mentality from conception to completion. Edery holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from La Villette School of Architecture in Paris.

Company Brief

EDRE Development (edredevelopment.com) is a vertically integrated real estate company handling every aspect of projects, from underwriting, acquisition, funding and investment, through architectural design, construction and development management. Based in New York City, the firm specializes in ground-up development projects located in prime locations throughout the city with a focus on Brooklyn’s condo markets. The firm leverages its experience in architecture, design, financial structuring, and construction management to bring meaningful value to its projects. EDRE’s strategy for every project is to use creative thinking and innovative design to overcome financial hurdles with a focus on introducing new, yet responsible, ideas resulting exceptional living environments.

Harel Edery, EDRE

Exterior of 110 North 1st in Brooklyn, an EDRE development

What was your vision for creating EDRE Development and how do you define its mission?

I created EDRE as a design-build development company rather than a purely real estate investment firm. Thoughtful design is at the forefront of every one of our projects. The EDRE mission is to create well-built, long-lasting, and design-driven living environments using new building technologies and creative thinking.

Will you provide an overview of EDRE’s portfolio and current projects?

EDRE has completed five condo projects to date, with one being completed every year since 2018. All are located in prime Brooklyn locations. Along with our condo projects, EDRE is building an income-producing rental portfolio made of existing value-up multi-family properties.

How do you describe the EDRE difference?

We are all encompassing – we do the architecture in house and self-perform the construction of our projects. Therefore, we have full control and very often find ways to be financially efficient where others can’t, allowing us to push the quality to a higher level.

Where do you see growth opportunities for EDRE?

We build where we live and in areas that we understand; areas that we see the need and opportunity to evolve. We stay local in our developments and bring the EDRE aesthetic to prime Brooklyn locations.

Harel Edery, EDRE

The lobby of 110 North 1st

How critical has it been to build the EDRE team?

Our team is made of financial professionals and architects. These two worlds, when merged properly. are the key to executing EDRE’s vision – design at the forefront backed by a highly conscious financial strategy. Designing a building in house is highly valuable for putting in place a financial strategy before even buying the land and this is our strength. In addition, making design adjustments during construction with our in-house team of designers and responding to unforeseen financial constraints has been very valuable and has become a key element in executing a project on time and on budget.

Did you always know you had an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to build your own business?

My first entrepreneurial business transaction was when I was 15 or so, so it has always been with me. While I was in architecture school, I knew that I wanted to not just design, but wanted to design my own buildings.

What are your priorities for EDRE as you look to the future?

I’d like to keep the same mindset of not cutting corners, as well as learning and educating our team about new ways to make living better and suitable for the changes in society.