Letters From Leaders
David W. Schner, President & Executive Editor, LEADERS Magazine

David W. Schner
President & Executive Editor
LEADERS Magazine

LEADERS Magazine has spent the past 44 years presenting the thoughts and ideas of the world’s leaders to fulfill its mission of being a global forum for leadership. As the world addresses multiple crises simultaneously, from public health to social justice to food insecurity to climate change to cyber security, we feel a responsibility to provide a platform for today’s leaders to offer guidance, inspiration and optimism to the next generation who are concerned and uncertain about the future.

It is the next generation that will lead the way and drive true change. While these are challenging and difficult times, this next generation has showed its strength and resilience during this unprecedented time, offering hope that change is possible.

LEADERS Magazine has continued its tradition of asking some of the leaders that have been featured within its pages to write letters with their advice and guidance to those who are currently in school or beginning their careers. These letters build on the words of wisdom published in past issues as you will see from the excerpts below:

“Loyalty. During times of crisis, the loyalty and commitment to the team, to one another, proves invaluable when facing the unknown. Loyalty built over years of service together pays dividends during strife.”
Jerry Reinsdorf, Owner, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls

“A leader is a problem-solver. A leader steps up to identify, understand, confront and resolve problems. A leader does not preside. A leader does not run away from problems or pass the buck so others take the heat for tough choices.”
Carly Fiorina, Founder and Chairwoman, Carly Fiorina Enterprises
and Unlocking Potential Foundation

“The path of life will inevitably travel through dark and turbulent times; it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when confronted by a grave crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. As a future leader, you need to learn to know yourself well enough to identify when you are losing perspective – and, how to fix it!”
Sean S. Buck, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy,
63rd Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy

“Attitude is where it all begins; this is the foundation. You have to believe in yourself and demonstrate self-confidence so that those around you will believe in you. To succeed, you must be persistent and determined.”
William R. Berkley, Executive Chairman, W. R. Berkley Corporation

“For our younger Americans, we are counting on you. You are the future.
You offer new and innovative ideas, new ways of solving problems, new ways to collaborate and communicate. You offer creative ways to bring people together. You will have opportunities to achieve things that none of us here today
can even imagine.”
Ann E. Dunwoody, General, U.S. Army, Retired

“I want to also give you a little gift: a reminder that you are made special and you were made to do special things. You must never forget that. Take a moment to sit down and think about it, check your heart and you’ll find out exactly what it is that you’re supposed to do.”
John R. Kasich, Founder, Kasich Company

It is during difficult and challenging times that leaders step up and show the way, and I know I speak for all of our readers when I say that we are excited and confident to see what you will accomplish in the years ahead.

David W. Schner, President & Executive Editor, LEADERS Magazine

David W. Schner
President & Executive Editor
LEADERS Magazine