Gaspard de Dreuzy, Pager

Gaspard de Dreuzy

Driving User Engagement

Editors’ Note

Gaspard de Dreuzy’s passion for using technology and design to disrupt business models and empower consumers has led him to start business ventures in the finance, gaming, and entertainment industries, and now in healthcare. After producing games for the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles, He co-founded NYC-based fintech startup Kapitall, the first online broker for Millennials, and TradeIt, the leader in retail brokerage APIs. In addition, de Dreuzy was a senior strategic marketing consultant for Warner Music.

Company Brief

At Pager (pager.com), employees are on a mission to transform healthcare by offering patients better tools and more access to high quality care. Pager is a mobile-first, patient-facing technology that is changing how people connect with and navigate healthcare. Founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, Pager is considered a leading innovator in the healthcare industry.

What is the mission of Pager?

We started Pager in 2014 with the goal of providing a more consumer-centric way to assist in care. Our first version of our product was developed to help providers assist consumers in the home. It also attempted to leverage that to make it more efficient for providers and to make a profit.

We started with an on-demand healthcare approach. From there, we grew a bit and then started helping patients access care on an online basis, and also using Pager as an education tool.

One of the challenges we identified that faces all patients is that they usually don’t know exactly what they have or where to go. We built this clinical triage that enables owners to direct patients to a point of care.

Pager has always been focused on this consumer-centric care. We started with a minimum product featuring healthcare on demand, and we have evolved into a communication platform that directs our patients to the most convenient and affordable point of care.

How are you building awareness about the product?

We originally decided to go direct-to-consumer, so we use all the tools that marketers have, as well as word-of-mouth. We did that because we initially needed to create something where we could test our online proposition.

Last year, we decided to shift from a direct consumer focus into more of an enterprise model where we now work with large systems and companies to help them with their patients and members.

Will the partnerships you are building be with hospitals and health systems?

Health systems and health plans. This year, we announced a partnership with Baylor, Scott & White, which is the largest health system in Texas. We will be announcing other partnerships in development now.

How quickly do you have to adapt to changing technologies today?

We take nothing for granted and we launch things that are not necessarily perfect, but the feedback helps us move forward.

Overall, with Pager, it’s important to drive user engagement, so our technology has to improve on the backend and we have to stay updated.

We want to stick to our fundamentals but also test new things.