TOWN Residential

In just five short years, TOWN Residential has cemented its position as New York’s foremost luxury real estate services firm with an exhilarating foundation and seamless execution of best-in-class customer service by an unparalleled team of Representatives.

Founded by Andrew Heiberger, TOWN Residential is an integral part of the New York real estate landscape, specializing in luxury residential sales; leasing; the marketing, sales and leasing of property developments; commercial and retail. With uncompromising principles, TOWN Residential has established a new standard of excellence within the industry.

At the core of the firm’s culture is a team of professionals who possess unsurpassed industry knowledge and experience. The winning formula and unique culture which has brought TOWN Residential many of its accolades in the residential real estate community – as a Best Firm to Work For and one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City – is a result of this top talent’s availability to every TOWN Representative.

TOWN’s growth has been strategic and exciting. Among the five-year highlights:

• More than $8.5 billion in total sales and leasing volume

• Over 15,750 transactions made up of more than 3,800 sales and nearly 12,000 rentals

• Successful sale of 50 trophy penthouses and more than 175 townhouses

• In 2011 the firm was made up of 99 Representatives and professionals and today TOWN is more than 630 strong – taking its place as the fifth largest in New York City.

In 2015, the firm successfully transacted more than $2.7 billion in total sales and leasing volume – surpassing 2014 record totals and marking a more than 30 percent boost over the same time last year. Among 2015’s many achievements:

• 10 transactions surpassing $20 million – including a recent $54.75-million transaction

• Citywide records and Manhattan’s highest third-quarter sale with the $37.9-million penthouse closing at The Charles

• The highest rental price per square foot in a non-doorman building above 59th Street at the fully leased Allen House

• A recent Park Slope sale which became the highest price per square foot for a Brooklyn walk-up

• Among the completed 2014 transactions were several market records including the listing and leasing of New York’s most expensive rental property; the highest pure price point for a penthouse condominium east of Third Avenue; and the record for the pure price point of a townhouse in a prime Brooklyn neighborhood.

“Our core values dedicate us to knowledge, transparency, innovation, collaboration, career growth, quality, and continuous evolution,” shared Wendy Maitland, President of Sales, TOWN Residential. “Our philosophy is that by providing our Representatives with stellar leadership, sound guidance, genuine support and a positive culture under the halo of a sophisticated brand – success is the natural outcome.”

LEADERS spoke with the women leaders of TOWN Residential, who shared details of their roles, insights into the firm’s unique culture, and keys to success.

Wendy Maitland

A highly respected and innovative real estate executive known for her trademark win/win philosophy, Wendy has engineered some of New York City’s most historic deals with professionalism, creativity and integrity. Overseeing the company’s sales activities, Wendy takes a hands-on approach to management and works with the firm’s Representatives to secure and navigate high level sales transactions while helping them achieve their long term career goals. With the highest level of dedication, Wendy also oversees the sales operations of select new developments and strategic alliances.

“TOWN was founded to fill a niche in the industry for highly talented career brokers and their clientele. I believe that the key to the firm’s success is the fact that we have remained authentic to our original core values, mission, and philosophy.

We have raised the bar on the standards of the industry, while creating and maintaining a progressive culture of constant professional development, innovation, collaboration, and care.”

Itzaskun Garay, TOWN Residential

Itzaskun Garay

Since the firm’s inception, Itzy has been an instrumental member of the TOWN leadership team and has positively influenced the culture with her incredible energy, enthusiasm, and spirit. Overseeing TOWN’s leasing activities while also taking an active role in sales, Itzy manages an unparalleled team and mentors the most talented Representatives in the business with unwavering professionalism, dedication and grace.

“Collaboration has been key to our culture and growth – manager to manager, manager to Representative, and Representative to Representative – we work together and make things happen.”

Jacqueline Pestana, TOWN Residential

Jacqueline Pestana

With a background in accounting, Jacqueline entered the real estate industry in 2002. Since that time, she has been exposed to and left her mark on all facets of the business from the operational management of condo conversions to the creation of efficiencies in TOWN Residential’s day-to-day operations. As Director of Operations, Jacqueline brings invaluable industry experience to the oversight of several of TOWN Residential’s essential departments including Human Resources, Legal, Facilities, Accounting, and IT.

“TOWN’s success is the result of unparalleled leadership and management, dedicated and talented staff, and a team of the best in the business Representatives believing in the vision of Andrew Heiberger and working towards the same goal of making TOWN number one.”

Juliet Clapp, TOWN Residential

Juliet Clapp

Juliet has extensive experience and an unparalleled $1 billion dollars’ plus worth of real estate transactions to her credit. With a winning balance of energy, professionalism and expertise, Juliet has been an awarded leader in her field since entering real estate in 2004 – first as a top-selling agent, then as Sales Director of the Year. She is consistently recognized for her managerial excellence having helped countless agents propel their careers.

“The incredible culture of care and high level support for career advancement are characteristics that are truly unique to TOWN. The spirit is nothing short of inspiring. Knowing that we are elevating our Representatives each and every day is the most satisfying feeling.”

Dorothy Sexton, TOWN Residential

Dorothy Sexton

With an intimate understanding of the luxury market, Dorothy has proven experience in the Luxury Market including resales and new development ranging from pre-development through coordination of marketing and sales. Dorothy led the activities of several transformative condominium projects including 737 Park Avenue, 150 East 72nd Street, Windsor Park at 100 West 58th Street, Downtown by Philippe Stark and Arris Lofts among others. Dorothy’s commitment to her profession is exemplified by her involvement and leadership within the industry.

“To build a successful brokerage business, it is essential to attract a strong group of Representatives and take their knowledge, self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and experience to the next level while encouraging their passion. My job is to facilitate their success.”

Melissa True, TOWN Residential

Melissa True

With more than a decade of experience and a member of TOWN’s founding team, Melissa has played a fundamental role in the creation of TOWN’s brand and philosophy. Beginning as manager of TOWN Financial District, one of the firm’s first offices to open, Melissa ensures that the culture of care and commitment to building long-term relationships is applied across the company and throughout every interaction. Melissa’s successful career spans over a decade and is built on a lifelong love for real estate.

“The creation of a workplace environment that embodies our core founding principles, including a true sense of collaboration, creativity, and meaningful support, has been paramount to our success.”

Julia Miller, TOWN Residential

Julia Miller

A dedicated and ambitious professional, Julia entered the real estate industry upon graduating from Yale University with a double major in Economics and Psychology. She quickly mastered all facets of the business and became a top-performer completing a multitude of transactions in her first year alone. Recognized for her achievements, she was promoted to Director of Leasing within her previous firm and went on to become Director of Sales and Leasing where she was charged with the hiring, training and management of the firm’s agents.

“Founded by Andrew Heiberger and managed by the industry’s leaders, TOWN attracts the most industrious real estate professionals with an excellent track record by providing a targeted approach to improving every aspect of their efforts. Our Representatives are the primary focus of our marketing, public relations, and technology development, which has a direct impact on their business.”

Karen A. Gastiaburo, TOWN Residential

Karen A. Gastiaburo

After more than three decades making an indelible mark on the real estate industry, Karen knows the New York City marketplace inside and out. Karen leverages her experience to help mentor new Representatives, guide industry veterans, and collaborate closely with TOWN’s rapidly growing sales team. Her own real estate career began while she was pursuing acting, when she quickly discovered she had a real knack for matching people and properties. Before joining TOWN, Karen sold properties in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and helped launch two new real estate offices in Tribeca. Karen is a hands-on manager who effectively helps find the best path for each representative, ensuring all of TOWN’s clients receive exceptional customer service.

“Town is an innovative company, clear in its path and seeing the modern world of real estate in this next century, and making way for the next generation of agents. I think what attracted me most was TOWN’s vision and new brand of forward thinking.”

Elanna Jochimek, TOWN Residential

Elanna Jochimek

Leading successful projects totaling over 10,000 apartments, Elanna has a proven track record of identifying opportunities for operational efficiencies while consistently focusing on providing exceptional customer service. Throughout her 20 year career, Elanna has managed and developed on-site leasing teams, strategically defined competitive pricing and implemented sales and marketing plans which effectively maximized rental income and resulted in high occupancy.

“TOWN’s success and continuous growth is primarily attributed to its dedicated, collaborative efforts across all marketing platforms offering best in class service at each touch point. This approach is illustrated in detail throughout each transaction by TOWN’s talented, knowledgeable and focus-driven industry leaders.”

Jamie Reimer, TOWN Residential

Jamie Reimer

With a background in architecture and real estate development, Jamie primarily focuses on ground up and conversion new development rental projects. Utilizing her past experience in real estate development, Jamie has an intimate understanding of a developer’s needs and the big picture elements that are important to the success of any project. After studying in the highly-regarded architecture program at Lehigh University, Jamie earned a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from New York University’s Schack Institute of Real Estate.

“TOWN invests in its people unlike any other firm, through education and business development opportunities. TOWN places its resources first and foremost with its employees and Representatives, fostering an environment of support and collaboration.”

Gia Williams, TOWN Residential

Gia Williams

Pairing a broad range of Manhattan real estate experience with exceptional customer service skills, Gia possesses the tenacity, flexibility and deep understanding needed to help developer and landlord clients in marketing their properties. A valued member of the TOWN Marketing and Leasing team, Gia focuses on much more than just making deals – she helps in creating markets, leads representative trainings for on-site and owner-representative efforts, and seamlessly manages the detail-oriented process from pre-launch through final transaction. With a stellar reputation, Gia has worked extensively with many of the most notable New York City real estate developers.

“What makes TOWN special is our innovative branding and marketing we’ve done over the last five years. TOWN stands above the rest in forward thinking, creating markets, and producing leaders. TOWN promotes growth and believes in the advancement of all of its team members.”

Kristin Luciano, TOWN Residential

Kristin Luciano

In addition to the creation and oversight of agreements including exclusive agreements, co-brokerage agreements and non-disclosure agreements; under Kristin’s thoughtful leadership, TOWN Representatives are kept abreast of changes in the law that shape and impact TOWN. Kristin, who graduated Cum Laude from Pace University School of Law, received the prestigious Public Interest Pro Bono Justice Award for Extraordinary Service.

“TOWN’s strong growth and rapid success can be attributed to a company ethos based on opportunity, loyalty, and gratitude. Andrew Heiberger is both a real estate pioneer and visionary. The dividends of his hard work, dedication, and vision for TOWN is exemplified in our company’s continuous growth, media presence, and record-breaking sales and leasing transactions.”

Lina M. Viviano, TOWN Residential

Lina M. Viviano

Lina oversees the day-to-day education of TOWN Representatives as they receive advanced instruction on utilizing important tools for the optimal benefit of TOWN’s clients through The Astor Room, TOWN’s industry-leading professional development platform. The Astor Room offers TOWN Representatives an eclectic range of courses in several of TOWN’s offices, as well as throughout the city, and provides Representatives with the opportunity to hone their expertise of the city’s bustling micro-neighborhoods.

“I truly believe that TOWN is best-in-class when it comes to offering well-rounded weekly programming to Representatives that extends beyond the intricacies of the industry into lifestyle, wellness, and spirituality. It’s a wonderfully “holistic” approach to meeting the eclectic needs and furthering the growth of our Representatives and brings us closer to the goal of becoming what I refer to as ‘Renaissance Brokers.’ It’s exciting to be able to teach Representatives who are ‘hungry’ for everything.”

Lori Levin, TOWN Residential

Lori Levin

A veteran of the real estate industry with a passion and enthusiasm for crafting a great story, Lori is responsible for the development of ongoing communication initiatives that reinforce TOWN’s position as an industry leader through the placement of trend-setting stories, coverage of innovative events, and deployment of customized campaigns for the firm’s properties and agents. With her hallmark hands-on style, Lori works closely with TOWN’s executive and management team to provide the firm’s Representatives and clients with a consistent level of service and support.

“TOWN Residential has raised the bar within the industry. The creativity, genuine level of service and culture of care is second to none and felt by customers, clients, and Representatives alike.”

Michelle Schneider, TOWN Residential

Michelle Schneider

Michelle combines broad experience in the luxury hospitality industry with financial expertise and a passion for New York real estate. Serving as a director of finance for luxury hotels in New York for more than a decade, Michelle gained significant experience in the luxury service industry, as well as in-depth understanding of the financial models for new developments. As Controller, Michelle implements key financial and operational processes to position TOWN as the leading residential brokerage company in New York City and provide best-in-class service to all stakeholders including Representatives, Ownership, Third Party Vendors, and Employees.

“TOWN is a luxury lifestyle company that focuses on creating an experience beyond just real estate brokerage. The culture and atmosphere created over the past five years has enabled TOWN to attract and retain top talent in the very competitive New York City real estate market.”

>Kim Santoriello, TOWN Residential

Kim Santoriello

With immense pride and attention to detail, Kimberly has more than a decade of experience within the real estate industry. Among TOWN Residential’s first employees, Kim was responsible for the oversight of the accounts payable department before being promoted to Assistant Controller where she handles the day-to-day operations of the department while interfacing with managers, vendors, and Representatives.

“It has been so special being a part of TOWN since the firm’s inception. The growth has been steady and exciting – with never compromise to our core values, offerings or culture.”

Sylvia Ang, TOWN Residential

Sylvia Ang

Sylvia oversees TOWNHOUSE, TOWN Residential’s exclusive database of sales and leasing listings. With a watchful eye, the more than 10 year industry veteran serves as a liaison between the firm’s dynamic team of Representatives and a wide-ranging network of landlords and management companies with a mission to ensure the company’s database is accurate, always up-to-date, and compliant with the law.

“Andrew’s unique vision and thoughtful leadership encourages and inspires us to achieve our personal career goals. All employees at TOWN fill an important role, with their contributions respected and celebrated.”

Lisa Heiberger, TOWN Residential

Lisa Heiberger

Lisa professionally styles and curates TOWN Residential’s acclaimed offices, with each thoughtfully conceived detail representative of the neighborhood and TOWN Residential brand. Prior to adding her touch to all aspects of the TOWN offices, Lisa owned and operated a highly successful vintage resale boutique which catered to Los Angeles’ top stylists and luxury clients.

“Resulting in undeniable success, TOWN strikes the perfect balance of sophistication and cutting edge; understated elegance and avant garde design; and historical homage with forward-thinking vision.”