Kelly Kennedy Mack, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group

Kelly Kennedy Mack

A Golden Age
of New Development


Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group is the country’s premier organization for the planning, design, marketing, and sale of luxury residential development. Since Mack became president in 2006, the company has grown to be New York’s consistent new development market share leader, representing the most desirable new properties in the market and working alongside prolific developers, architects, and designers. Mack is a member of the New York University Board of Trustees, and supports the Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Would you provide an overview of the history of Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group and how the company has evolved to where it is today?

Founded in 2005, Corcoran Sunshine was the product of a merger between The Sunshine Group and Corcoran Group Marketing. We had the opportunity to remain true to our heritage of innovation, and expand our expertise in research, analysis, planning, and design. The powerful added-distribution network of The Corcoran Group’s agents became a tremendous asset to developers and buyers alike, while the exposure provided by Corcoran.com has proven invaluable.

Although our resources expanded significantly, the organization remained adaptable, which served us well through the ups and downs of the market. We consulted on properties outside of the city and the U.S., which brought fresh ideas to our work in New York. This experience also helped us build up resources that would specifically serve developers, banks, and lenders: the strongest market research team in the business with “real time” access to information. Our market intelligence helps us calibrate pricing and positioning, and enables our developer clients to sell consistently through unpredictable markets.

Corcoran Sunshine has consistently been ranked the number-one new development marketing and sales organization and has sold in excess of $35 billion in property for the world’s most prestigious developers.

Would you discuss your personal focus on urban areas that are ripe for luxury development?

We are living in a golden age of new development, with a level of quality and caliber of design never before seen in New York or perhaps anywhere in the world. The luxury residential skyscraper is rising downtown for the first time ever in the form of developments like 56 Leonard and 30 Park Place. The rising market has lifted all neighborhoods, yet the Central Park South corridor commands the highest prices of any real estate market in the country. Towers like 220 Central Park South and 53W53 are adding architectural icons to the skyline and surpassing all established standards of luxury.

Outside of Midtown, there are major developments of all shapes and sizes changing the fabric of New York. Hudson Yards, the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States, is redefining the west side of Manhattan, creating a neighborhood from the ground up. In Brooklyn, Pacific Park will become the nexus between some of the borough’s most storied neighborhoods, creating public space, retail offerings, and condominiums.

What value does being a part of the The Corcoran Group have to Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group’s business?

Corcoran’s more than 2,200 agents account for more than one third of all sales at Corcoran Sunshine developments, the most of any firm. We also have the added advantage of Corcoran agents’ on-the-ground experience with buyers, providing important focus group feedback that helps shape the buildings in our portfolio. Together, Corcoran Sunshine and the Corcoran Group represent more new developments than any other New York firm.•