Hilary J. James, Bristol Plaza

Hilary J. James

An Atmosphere of Elegance and Quietude

Editors’ Note

Hilary James, who assumed her current role in April 1989, began her career in the film industry and has held positions with Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. She also founded her own theater production company and won an OBIE Award for Michael Burrell’s Hess. As a marketing executive and Director of Sales for Bristol Plaza’s developer, Howard Milstein, she has been instrumental in the development and management of the luxury residential hotel.

property Brief

Bristol Plaza (www.bristolplaza.com) is a luxury residential hotel created to meet the needs of people planning long-term stays in Manhattan. Its 152 suites feature fully equipped kitchens for home dining and the property boasts a health club, swimming pool, and sun deck.

Bristol Plaza is a leader in offering long-term stays in New York City. Would you provide an overview of the property and the target market for Bristol Plaza?

Our property is of particular appeal to those seeking five-star services in an atmosphere of elegance and quietude. Our guests comprise an international roster of leaders in industry, banking, politics, and the arts for who an oasis of calm in the midst of their daily schedules is absolutely paramount to their sense of well-being. Bristol Plaza continually proves to be a welcome haven for those renovating their homes or provides a temporary residence for businesspeople relocating to the city.


Bristol Plaza’s building on
Manhattan’s East 65th Street

How much of a focus for the property is the corporate market?

We value highly our reputation in the world of multinational corporations whose frequent reservations allow us to believe our facilities and services continue to satisfy their expectations. Of particular consequence, too, is our willingness to tailor a given stay to suit any requirements beyond the contracted term.

Is the look and feel of your accommodations consistent throughout the property? Would you provide an overview of these offerings?

While our suites differ in size and configuration, the furnishings follow the same design and color scheme throughout. Because our guests are often with us for many months, the fully equipped and well-appointed kitchens are much appreciated and obviate the need to dine out. A quiet breakfast at home is a pleasant way to ease into the rigors of the day to come.


Bristol Plaza’s lobby

Bristol Plaza offers a club/rooftop pool, which you have recently renovated. Would you provide an overview of these facilities and how they are a key differentiator for the property?

Our private club is considered by many to be the most attractive in the city. With 20’ ceilings and enormous windows on all sides, the gym offers the latest equipment and in-house trainers. The 50-foot glass-domed pool opens onto a landscaped sundeck with cabanas and chaise lounges affording spectacular views of the city.


Bristol Plaza’s rooftop pool

Bristol Plaza has a detailed Web site with floor plans, an overview of services, and property photos. Do you encourage online bookings or do you prefer that guests call for reservations to maintain the human touch for which Bristol Plaza is known?

Requests for reservations are made by indicating projected arrival and departure dates on the Web site and my office follows up with guests to finalize pertinent details. Referral inquiries and bookings by our repeat guests always come in by phone and offer us the chance to express our pleasure in knowing we shall soon be welcoming them back to Bristol Plaza.

For 2013, what are you primarily focused on to ensure you maintain a strong position in the market?

Our market continues to grow in the U.S. and abroad and we are optimistic this trend will continue throughout the coming year. Our priority, as always, is to maintain the high level of service our guests have come to expect and ensure that our wonderful team of gracious staff continues to be the byword for Bristol Plaza.•