Biography of Henry O. Dormann

From the Editors of The Lyons Press,
Publishers of Mr. Dormann's latest book

Letter from Leaders
Henry O. Dormann

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There is possibly no one on Earth who personally knows as many of the world's leaders in government, business, labor, art, and education as Henry O. Dormann. Much of his work as chairman and editor-in-chief of LEADERS Magazine involves traveling around the world to meet and talk with these extraordinary people.

He has come to know many world leaders well, sharing confidences, ideas, and good conversation. They have told him some of their innermost feelings and concerns, and they have shared bon mots – many of which appear in this book.

Mr. Dormann is an unusual man interested in the unusual and the great things of the world. Not a cynic, he is proud of the human race and its accomplishments. He is a positive man, feeling that if societies can laugh at their faults and concentrate on positive achievements, the world, gradually, will become a happier place. This collection reflects that rich and positive attitude.

Mr. Dormann is a man of unique talents and achievements. He was founder and the first executive director of the Library of Presidential Papers. He has served as president of the United States Technical Developments Company, a division of U.S. Banknote Corporation; chairman of the board of the National Enquirer, largest circulated newspaper in the United States; president and editor-in-chief of SIPA News Service; president and editor-in-chief of Holiday magazine; chairman of the Haitian Development Corporation; chairman of Sabador, Inc., Liberia; chairman of the New York Assembly Council on Economic Development; chairman of the International Board of Industrial Advisors; and chairman and editor-in-chief of LEADERS Magazine.

Mr. Dormann also appears as host of the weekly NBC television program Friends & Neighbors, which is the highest rated program in its time slot. He is also featured daily, prior to NBC's Today Show, giving his "thought of the day."